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Getting Wax Stains Out Of Various Surfaces
10Apr 2014
Getting Wax Stains Out Of Various SurfacesIf you are worried as to how best to remove wax stains from the varying surfaces in your house, then you will be pleased to hear that there are indeed ways. Wax is particularly difficult to get rid of because the state that it gets into the staining position in is liquid, whereas it solidifies extremely quickly, leaving behind all sorts of mess and oily residue. If you are keen to ensure that you have the appropriate knowledge with which to tackles such stains, then you would do well to have a look over the following tips and tricks for removing the pesky stain from all sorts of different surfaces that could fall victim to its tough staining.No matter what the surface is, the best start with wax is to make sure that it is as hardened as possible. You will find that this makes it easier to peel or scrape away the residue wax, so that you can get to the stain itself more easily. The best way to harden the wax is to apply cold to it, which basically means a bag of ice. If you have wax on a garment or a removable cover, then you can put the whole thing in the freezer to get it hard. However, be sure that the item is not the kind that is going to suffer for getting wet. Use a metal scraper to lift the wax away carefully, but be sure not to scrape the actual fibers away, as this will damage the fabric irreparably. Once you have gotten rid of as much of the wax as possible, your next step depends on what the material is. If it is a non washable fabric, then you should place a sponge beneath the fabric and flush with water and a stain remover. Many clothing stain removers will be right for the job. Agitate the stain with a soft sponge, so that the stain remover gets a chance to tackle all the way through the wax. Keep repeating this stage until you are free of the wax!If you are cleaning washable fabrics, then you could try placing the stained area between two pieces of blotting paper, and applying a warm (not too hot0 iron to the paper. The warmth of the iron will draw the wax out and into the paper, so keep replacing the paper as otherwise the stain can be spread around the fabric as the heat melts the wax! Another method is to pour boiling water through the stained area. In this process the heat of the water will melt and draw the stain out as it passes through the cloth. This is great technique for getting the last little bits of wax out of a fabric if you are having trouble after the freezing and peeling or scraping stage. Sometimes the dye form the wax can be the staining part, so you could try a little rubbing alcohol to see if this lifts the pigment from the dye out of the fibers. Of course there is a risk that the alcohol could remove the dye from the fabric, if it is clothing or upholstery, so test the alcohol on a less obvious part of the item, to be sure that it is not going to cause damage to the fabric. Be sure to rinse the item well after this, with clean water, as the alcohol can smell, and you don’t want it sitting in your clothing for ages after you have cleaned!

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