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How To Polish Furniture After The Big Spring Cleaning
03Dec 2014
How To Polish Furniture After The Big Spring CleaningThe big spring cleaning is definitely one of the most important things to do for sanitizing the house and to prepare it for another full year with stains, foot traffic, dirt, dust and other blemishes. Yet the periodical cleaning like every month or wiping off dust every week is just a way to make the atmosphere safer and more comfortable. So, plan wisely the cleaning detergents and items that you will need or call a professional cleaning company to help with the heaviest stains on floors and furniture maybe. When everything is clean and fresh - there is another important step that you don`t want to miss. It comes to polishing the furnishing surfaces so they look like new and protected from pollens, dust and allergens. The final polishing touch also gives that sense of shine and exquisiteness, which even enhances the new look of the furniture items. Next are few hints and tips, which are good to keep in mind.- For polishing metal surfaces - you will need especially designed polishing compound for metal objects. Most electronics and other home equipment need such a polish at least once a year. The kitchen equipment, for example, is the one that`s most affected by stains and other blemishes. Spraying a detergent solution and cleaning with towels might not be enough for a complete oven cleaning. It`s just enough to remove the most persistent stains via degreaser, but there may appear burned spots of rust or even more persistent dirty areas, which need polishing so they look like new. A polishing paste for metal surfaces will do the perfect job! Just prepare several fine cloths for polishing and for wiping off the excess of the compound, as well as small bowl of hot water. Yet for the removal of big rusty spots or heavily stained areas - a stiff brush and even a metal brush is another useful item, but use it before the polishing itself. - For window surfaces - just a clean towel with hot water is the perfect combination. You can add a tiny amount of white vinegar, baking soda or other agents that dissolve heavily stained spots, but the fast motions with the clean towel can make the windows shine and clear like it`s invisible.- Wooden furnishings are more capricious. There is a myriad of different types of wooden surfaces, each suitable for its own unique polishing compound and which works best on a specific wooden texture. Because of that, always first read the label of the compound before buying it in the market. There are universal polishing creams, which are perfect for application onto almost all the types of woods, but there is nothing to match the polishing effect after applying the right compound to the exact type of wooden surface.- Polishing tiles and stones texture is another important thing, that`s basically a completely different thing. It`s often enough to add a small amount of polishing liquid in the floor scrubber machine, but the final look is also depending from the type of fibers on the cleaning attachment, whether the fibers are long or short, the speed of rotation, the shape and texture of the tiles, etc. On the other hand, a special wax for polishing grout is unsurpassed in some cases when the grout is the major part of the overall outlook of the tile floor or the wall.- It`s also recommended to polish leather upholstery at least twice a year. A universal compound applied by soft brush or fine towel is perfect for preventing the leather from cracking, discoloration or lose of texture. Repeat the procedure for the places, which see the most wear, while to restore texture - use a polishing compound with pigmentation.

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