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Professional Upholstery Cleaning
12Jun 2014
Professional Upholstery CleaningThere are a great many ways in which to get your upholstery looking great in a do-it-yourself way, but the reality of the situation is that you will get nowhere close to the effectiveness of the methods that a professional cleaner will be able to use. You should have a look in to the various aspects of professional upholstery cleaning, as there are up and downsides to all of them, which you will regret not knowing if they end up affecting you badly. In many ways, the results of a professional sofa or arm chair clean should be that you are over the moon with the results, and very happy to hand over your money, so be sure that that is going to be the case before you get going!For a start, you can have a professional cleaner simply wipe the sofa down with laundry or special upholstery soap. This will be effective in removing light stains, and the cleaner will be experienced enough to avoid saturating the upholstery with water, which will ensure that you are not at risk of damp afterwards, but in all honesty, it is a bit of a waste of a call out charge to have a cleaner come and do such a small job for you. It may be that this is the only type of cleaning that the professional dares do on a rare, delicate or antique sofa, in which case, you will need a professional. However, for the most part, it is important that you are getting the job done as thoroughly as possible, and parting with a bit more money for a more rigorous service will ensure that you are able to get the job done right.For a start, think about steam cleaning the sofa. Steam cleaning is highly effective, and it is also anti-bacterial, due to the extreme heat of the steam. The unit that is used boils water, and then blasts steam through a nozzle, into the fabric, pulling out all of the dirt in the process. The heat involved breaks down the adhesive quality of the dirt, and the pressure sucks it from the fabric itself. You should find that you get an amazing clean form this technique, so much so that you will notice an immediate difference in color if your sofa has not been cleaned in a while! There are downsides to this process however, as you will find that the steam involved will have a certain amount of moisture in it, and if the room is not well ventilated enough, then the moisture can get trapped in the carpet, and damp can become a problem.Dry cleaning does not have this problem however, in fact it’s only downside that it is really rather expensive. However, the upside is an incredible clean that requires no drying time, and will last for a long while! You will find that by far and away the best way to ensure that the upholstery is clean is to involve a dry cleaner, as the process uses only dry materials, or solvents that pretty much evaporate straight away. The compounds and solvents used will attract dirt to them on contact, and this will mean that the dirt is drawn out of the fibers. The solvents and compounds are then removed by the dry cleaning professional’s machinery, and the result is an incredibly clean finish, which will have your upholstery looking like new in no time at all! What’s more, you can sit down on it almost straight away!

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