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Reducing Dust Build Up Throughout Your Home
01May 2014
Reducing Dust Build Up Throughout Your HomeOne of the main enemies of the domestic cleaner is dust. It seems strange that a house that is not even used can still get dirty over a matter of days, simply because of dust settling, but that is just the way it is. Dust settlement will be accelerated by human use of the house, as most of dust is made up of human skin, which makes the fact that you are inhaling it almost all the time pretty disgusting! Dust also contains bacteria, and can carry allergens as well as pollen which is bad for kids and asthma sufferers. Dust also has a certain smell, which is not obvious unless you are looking for it. However, this smell will contribute to how musty the home feels, and if you want your place to be fresh and breezy, then dust busting is essential. If you are able to, you should have a serious think about how you will be able to prevent dust from setting and staying settled around the house, though a combination of tools, technique and timing. For a start, you should think about tools. You should always have clean dusting cloths available for when you need them, as well as a feather duster with a long handle for getting in to the higher areas of the house. You will find that wiping these tools off with your hand is sufficient to get rid of a lot of the dust that you collect, but make sure it all goes in the bin easily enough, as otherwise you could end up with clumps of dust floating around the house! For this reason, you need not simply throw away the cloths and dusters when they get dirty, as this can be a massive waste of money, as well as bad for the environment in terms of waste. If you are looking to dust a room as quickly and effectively as possible, then the best way is perhaps to ensure that you are doing so without having to cover any of the areas that you are cleaning twice over. This basically means going from top to bottom, to avoid knocking dust from one place on to a place you have just cleaned. There will be a certain amount of dust that hangs in the air as you clean, so it can be worthwhile to wait a second between cleaning different areas to ensure that you have the best chance of getting rid of it all effectively. Start with the feather duster, going around the corners and edges of the ceiling, and covering all light fittings and door frames or window sills. Work your way down, moving objects out of the way, and dusting them off individually, to ensure that absolutely everything is covered and dust free. You can then vacuum out the crack in places that are near the floor, like sofas, fireplaces, or the bottoms of larger cupboards before vacuuming the floor. Keeping the regularity with which you dust up, as well as being sensible about things will ensure that you can keep your house feeling fresh and clean. Ensure that you do all dust producing activities outside, vacuum regularly and open the windows in the morning to ensure that you are not at risk of having dust and dirt settle throughout your home. It really is more than just a case of aesthetics as well, as removing dust will reduce the chance of you and your family catching illnesses that are carried in the dust in your home.

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