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     I had some very stubborn stains after I hosted a painting class at home and I could not take care of them myself. They were everywhere: curtains, floor, carpet, you name it. I had to hire a cleaning company to remove those nasty stains and I went with Cleaner Brompton since they had the best prices I saw. Their cleaners came the next day and did a splendid job with everything they touched. I am very happy with the work, and I am impressed with the speed with which they did it. Thanks!
     The end of tenancy cleaning support offered by Cleaner Brompton was exactly what I needed. Their expert staff washed and vacuumed my whole house before I moved so that I could get things ready for the new owners. They did the job well and swiftly, so everything was completed on time. The move went smoothly and the house was spotless. Five out of five!
Liz F.27/05/2015
     I have just hired a regular cleaning service from a local family business that has been around for more than 10 years. I was so pleased with BromptonCleaners I wish I had used them before. The cleaning is done to a high standard and the price is amazing. The cleaners are prompt and know how to handle all types of cleaning problems. The costs are affordable, so didn't break the budget. The company were easy to deal with and friendly. I made a last minute appointment and was so leased with the outcome.
Betty Glover24/11/2014
     I use the services of BromptonCleaners and have done so for several weeks. To be honest I have only ever met my personal cleaner once, as I am usually at work. It is a wonderful feeling to come home knowing that my apartment has been cleaned and I don't have to do any chores. I have recently found out that I can arrange to get my ironing done, which I must say is a very tempting thought! I find the cost to be reasonable and don't know how I managed without a cleaner. Thank you for your continued hard work.
Margaret Y.05/11/2014
     My wife and I work shifts at odd hours so we are almost never at home at the same time, and one of us is always rushing out of the door. So, when we decided to hire a cleaning company to take care of the house we both agreed we needed one that was located nearby and could turn up at short notice and we wouldn't have to wait around too much. My next-door neighbour spoke of BromptonCleaners. We were quite pleased with the rather expansive list of cleaning services and the proximity and the results were as good as expected. A definite must for those living in the area.
     Sometimes the same old, same old starts to get boring. When you settle into a routine of work - sleep - work - sleep it's good to break it once in a while. BromptonCleaners helped me with this problem by taking care of the cleaning! The showed up one day, took care of it all, and left me with some free time at last! They did such a great job, and all of their prices are nice and affordable, so having access to me-time doesn't cost the earth. In short; if you're looking to get out of a work rut, get some professional cleaning help! This company in particular is the one that I'd recommend!
B. Neil29/08/2014
     I have been using BromptonCleaners for the domestic cleaning for a few months now, and I have to say that they are very good indeed. You can never really tell what a cleaner will be like until you meet them and work with them, but I have found them to be excellent. It is always nice to read an assuring review of a tradesman, and I hope that those reading this review will understand that the mystery element need not be scary with BromptonCleaners as I can assure that they are a very pleasant and hard-working bunch!
Denise Allen31/07/2014
     After my parents passed away, I inherited their house which was more room than I knew what to do with. I moved in with my girlfriend but for just the two of us, the up keeping of the house was far too much for us to handle on our own. We saw an advert for BromptonCleaners and decided to give them a try. The house was too nice to just sell and there were too many memories embedded in the walls. Our cleaner did wonders and the house is always looking better than I've ever seen it.
Hayden R.16/07/2014
     I am lucky enough to have 3 beautiful Labradors that love to leave their fur all of over my flat, I have 2 children that make even more mess even when they are being tidy and my husband might be the worst of the lot! But thanks to BromptonCleaners I am somehow not tearing my hair out because their affordable cleaning service keeps my home looking immaculate. I have also found them extremely easy to communicate with and great with kids. This service has given me so much free time as well as a cosy home to live in.
Lucy P.30/06/2014
     I owned two rental properties and they were only attracting short term tenants in the building trade, so the properties were getting fairly dirty. I was struggling to keep on top of the cleaning myself each time the tenants moved out. So it thought I would try hiring a cleaning company I had seen in the area. BromptonCleaners were helpful and booked a cleaning service. The cleaners arrived on time looking smart in their uniform with all of their tools. They got to work and did a great job. I was very pleased and now use them each time a tenant vacates the properties. The costs are reasonable and the service excellent.
John Norris12/06/2014
     I was moving on but had arranged to leave the carpets for the new owners, but they did look really grubby when we moved all of the furniture form the house. I contacted BromptonCleaners and sorted a date for them to blitz the carpets throughout the whole house. I was happy with the quote and also overwhelmed with the end results of the cleaning. The place looked so much better when the cleaning process was completed. They did a great job and used effective procedures on the carpets making them look almost like new. The new owners were extremely happy with the end result too.
Tom Vine26/05/2014
     I am not the sort of person who bother going online to talk about how well a plumber has screwed a pipe up, but when I reckon someone deserves a bit of extra praise beyond simply getting the job done, I do so, for the good karma! BromptonCleaners recently did a full house clean at my place after a party. They did an amazing job, and didn't even accept the tip that I offered, which was crazy, but very nice of them! I will be suing the team again, and may even make it a more regular occurrence.
Craig Flores14/05/2014
     With regards to my recent cleaning job from BromptonCleaners I am happy to report that they did an excellent bit of work for me. There was not a single hiccup, and the house was left looking quite wonderful. In all senses, I was very glad to have dealt with such a professional and hard working team of individuals. The price was rather good as well, considering how good the service was, and in all honesty I had to tip them rather a lot to feel like they were getting their fair pay!
Felix Kelley29/04/2014
     I was really against the idea of having someone come into my house to clean my home. I'd heard some really bad things about unprofessional house cleaners, and I thought that struggling with my house cleaning was the best option for me. It wasn't until a friend told me about BromptonCleaners that I decided to give them a go, and that was only after hearing such great things about them. I now have my home cleaned regularly, and a professional house clean is just what the doctor ordered! I don't have to worry about my cleaning anymore, and my cleaner is professional and reliable. This is a great service and very impressive!
Peter L.17/04/2014
     If you don't have a house cleaner and you're looking for one, or if you're thinking about switching companies then BromptonCleaners is the company that you need to call! I've had experiences with other cleaning companies in the past, but there have been none that even come close to providing the excellent level of professionalism that the cleaners from this company do! There's no way I'll ever go back to cleaning my house myself - why would I when I have professional, affordable and very lovely cleaning staff to help me with my needs! Definitely contact this company if you're in the market for a cleaner!
Rob U.25/02/2014